Remembering Our Dead: November 2017

Every year on or around 20th November people worldwide gather for the Transgender day of Remembrance to remember the trans people we have lost to murder and violence in the past year, the Reported by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project and published by Transgender Europe (TGEU) .

The following are details of the trans people known to have been killed worldwide during November 2017.

I've also included details of the brother of a trans woman killed while defending her, one lost to suicide and one whose death was attributed to industrial silicone - probably the result of a botched cosmetics procedure.


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Eduarda Fernanda Cordeiro
Age 22
2 Nov 2017
Missal (Brazil)

Eduarda Fernanda Cordeiro [photo: Facebook]

Eduarda was found covered in clay in a ditch near the city cemetery. She had head wounds suggesting that she had been beaten to death.

Her Facebook profile is . [DEAD LINK]

Nicolly Carvalho
Age 30
3 Nov 2017
Uberaba (Brazil)

Nicolly was shot in the back. Her body was found about 50 meters from a waterfall in the region of the rural district of Peirópolis. [DEAD LINK]

Natalie Nguyen
Age 22
Seattle (USA)
3 Nov 2017
Run over

Natalie Nguyen [photo:]

Natalie was hit by a car after leaving a suicide note. In death, her family erased her identity.

Shalom de Souza ("La Valentine")
Age 33
5 Nov 2017
Manaus (Brazil)

Shalom de Souza ("The Valentine") [photo:]

Shalom worked as a tattoo artist and beautician as well as a stage actor using the stage name "La Valentine". She was found half-naked and face down on a bed in a friend's house with a sack on her head and bleeding from her anus.

The cause of her death has not been confirmed by the police.

Her Facebook profile is [DEAD LINK]

Name Unknown
6 Nov 2017
Tijuana, Baja California (Mexico)

The victim was shot in the street at 10am on Monday 6th November in the El Jibarito neighborhood. Her identity is unknown.

Petherson Santos
Age 24
8 Nov 2017
São Paulo (Brazil)

Petherson Santos [photo:]

Petherson was not trans himself, but was beaten to death while defending his sister Lorena, who is transgender.

The crime occurred in a square while Lorena was sitting on a bench using the public wi-fi. The suspect rode up to her and threatened to throw his bike on her. When her brother intervened the two argued and Petherson was beaten. Lorena herself escaped unscathed, but Petherson died at the scene.

Luiz Carlos da Silva Mariano (18) has been arrested for the killing.

Lorena Santos, who Petherson died defending [photo:] htm

Laura Ursaru
Age 27
10 Nov 2017
EUR, Rome (Italy)

Laura Ursaru [photo:]

Laura was stabbed in the chest in a tourist park in the EUR district of Rome (Italy) on Friday 10th November.

A 35 year old suspect has been arrested. He is also accused of stabbing a Moroccan man to death 12 hours later.

A statement from MozaiQ ( said:,-uccisa-all-eur.html,-accoltellata-una-giovane-donna-transessuale-cristina-leo-%C2%ABnecessarie-politiche-serie-contro-la-transfobia%C2%BB.html

Joan Thabeng
11 Nov 17
Mohlakeng (South Africa)
Cause of death unknown

Joan Thabeng [photo:]

Joan was found murdered several hours after receiving a call from her boyfriend asking her to visit. Her body had been dragged though the streets of Mohlakeng and was found in the early hours of the next morning.

She was buried on 18th November, following a memorial service two days earlier attended by friends, family and LGBTI activists. Suspect has been identified but not yet arrested.

María Luisa Velásquez Zúniga
Age 39
12 Nov 2017
San Manuel, Cortes (Honduras)

María Luisa Velásquez Zúniga [photo:]

Maria was found dead in her home at around 6:25pm on Sunday 12th November. She had been stabbed several times in the head and chest.

Nestor Adalí Troches Orellana has been arrested for her murder.

Carlos Brandão
Age 38
13 Nov 2017
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Clinical neglect

Carlos Brandão [photo: Facebook]

Carlos died from malnutrition as a result of suffering neglect and ill-treatment in the hospital where he had been since being beaten on his way to work in early August. His sister Elen reported his treatment and eventually managed to get him transferred, but he died 5 days later.

His facebook profile is . [DEAD LINK]

Fernanda Santos
Age 28
15 Nov 2017
Nova Guarapari (Bazil)

Fernanda Santos [photo:]

Fernanda was shot to death- reportedly in or around the right shoulder. No other information is known. [DEAD LINK]

16 Nov 2017
Misamis Occidental (Philippines)

Shanaia [photo:]

Shanaia was shot 12 times.

Name Unknown
Age 24
19 Nov 2017
Cancun (Mexico)

The victim was found dead inside the room she was renting from a woman who lived with her children in the same home. She had been shot four times. Neighbours reported hearing gunshots during the night, and 9mm shell casings were found at the scene.

L. de Souza Pereira
Age 25
23 Nov 2017
Manaus (Brazil)

L. de Souza Pereira [photo:]

L. was dragged from her house and beaten to death with a piece of wood in the street. The neighbours who found her body saw a group of unidentified men fleeing the scene of the murder.

The victim's neighbors reported that her older brother, identified as "Dinho" is suspected to be responsible for the crime. [DEAD LINK]

Damaris Becerra Jurado
Age 40
26 Nov 2017
Le Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Death in custody

Damaris Becerra Jurado [photo:]

Damaris died in custody in the early hours of 26th November in Penitentiary Unit No. 32 of Florencio Varela.

She suffered from a chronic illness and had been detained without charge two and a half years earlier, along with six others who remain in prison.

Her death was the fourth of a trans woman in confinement in the same city in a year, following those of Pamela Macedo Panduro, Angie Velázquez Ramírez and Brandy Bardales Sangama.

All were Peruvian migrants and Otrans activists. Otrans reports that in the city the police routinely make arbitrary arrests of trans women. The detainees are routinely held without charge for long periods in degrading conditions without access to healthcare.

Age 24
26 Nov 2017
Peshawar (Pakistan)

Spogmai [photo: Facebook]

Spogmai was shot 6 times in her apartment later died in hospital.

The 24-year-old was described by friends as a vibrant and happy soul and was originally from Balochistan. She had come to the region hoping for a better life.

It is common for Pakistani trans women to assume one's name after being disavowed after transition by biological family. Spogmai is an Islamic name meaning "Moon of Paradise".

Brooklyn BreYanna Stevenson
Age 31
27 Nov 2017
Oklahoma City (USA)

Brooklyn BreYanna Stevenson [photo:]

Brooklyn was found dead after Oklahoma City police responded to a disturbance at a local motel. Upon arriving, they found her body.

On 21st December Brandon Michael Tyson (31) was arrested and charged with her murder .

Her family told KFOR that they were "heartbroken."

E. G. Sarat
27 Nov 2017
Xela, Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)

E. G. Sarat [photo:]

E. was found dead in a house in zone 1 of Xela on Monday 27th November. She had a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

Name Unknown
27 Nov 2017
Cristinápolis (Brazil)
Industrial silicone

Name Unknown [photo:]

RedetransBrasil reported her cause of death as "Death by industrial silicone" but no other information was given.

Source: Tathiane Araújo / Trans Brasil Network / Astra-SE [DEAD LINK]

Name Unknown
Age 23
28 Nov 2017
Uberlândia, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Informações no Grupo Afiliadas ANTRA — Pamela Volp

Júlia Volp
Age 20
29 Nov 2017
Florianópolis (Brazil)

Julia Volp [photo:]

Júlia's decomposed body was found stabbed with a chest wound in the early afternoon of 4th December in undergrowth near the substation. She had been missing since 29th November.

According to Júlia's boyfriend she worked with online e-commerce, but had traveled to Florianópolis to raise money through sex to fulfill her dream of moving to Italy. She had already been deported from Italy since after an agency and was working to raise money to return.

Júlia had come out as trans at the age of 12, and began her transition at 15. Like many trans women in Brazil she still had documentation in her birth name, but had started the process of correcting this with the help of a lawyer. Unlike many, she had the full support of her family.

Julia Volp [photo:]

Earlier in 2017 Júlia had participated in the beauty contest Miss T Brazil, as part of which she was interviewed:

Julia had traveled to Florianopolis with a friend on 29th November. According to her boyfriend, she went to the house of a person who managed the programs in Vargem do Bom Jesus, left her suitcases in a room, and then went to a prostitution point in an area known as the British.

Her aunt said the family knew that Julia did sex work to raise money, but she had been asked to fear violence to travel to Florianopolis.

Alloura Wells
Age 27
30 Nov 2017
Rosedale, Toronto (Canada)
Cause of death unknown

Alloura Wells [photo:]

Alloura disappeared on 15th July 2017, but was not reported missing by her family until 5th November, more than three months after her Facebook account went dormant.

On 5th August the decomposed body of an unidentified transgender woman was found in a ravine by a woman out walking with a friend. After community pressure Toronto police finally used DNA analysis to identify the body on 30th November.

The results confirmed that the remains belonged to Alloura Wells, but her cause of death was ruled “undetermined.”

With thanks to the many volunteers reporting acts of violence against trans people worldwide, and in particular to Transgender Europe and the members of the Trans Violence News Facebook group.

Software engineer, aerial yoga addict and halberd owning, camera waving, Daywalker of Scones. #trans #lgbt #christian

Software engineer, aerial yoga addict and halberd owning, camera waving, Daywalker of Scones. #trans #lgbt #christian