Remembering Our Dead never gets any easier

The TDoR vigil in Bournemouth in November 2015. Photo: Flirt Cafe Bar

News outlets like the Globe and the Herald referred to Rita as “a transvestite,” as “a man who sported long braids and preferred women’s clothes,” and as someone who was living an “apparent double life.” Both papers used male pronouns, even though everyone in the community had known Hester as a woman for years. When transgender advocates protested this misreporting, a [Boston] Phoenix reporter chided them for putting the papers “under the political-correctness microscope.”

“Is Rita Hester’s murder being eclipsed by the transgender community’s grammatical agenda?” her headline asked, as if insisting on respect for the dead were a distraction from fighting the prejudice that may have led to the murder.

This same reporter, of course, made sure to describe Hester’s breasts and genitals — details that served only to exoticize her case.

Adding insult to injury, even the New England gay and lesbian newspaper Bay Windows reportedly referred to Rita as “he” and placed her name in quotes.

Trans women tell GLAAD about their experiences in honor of Trans Day of Remembrance
Trans Day of Remembrance — Not forgotten
Wilka was stabbed to death on 26th March 2017

A transgender woman, known as Wilka, was brutally murdered by knife in the city of Vitória de Santo Antão, in the northeastern state of Pernambuco. She was badly stabbed three times: in the neck, in the abdomen and in the back.

“I feeling little bit beautiful how likes my hair i got it red.”

Just some of those we have lost in the last year. May they rest in peace, and may we remember them.



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