Remembering Our Dead: March 2018

Every year on or around 20th November people gather for the Transgender day of Remembrance to remember the trans people we have lost to violence and violence in the past year, as reported by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project and published by Transgender Europe (TGEU) .

The following are details of the trans people known to have been killed worldwide during March 2018.

I've also included details of those known lost to suicide where known, though most suicides tend to be unreported.


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Samielly Castro (“Margrella”)
Age 19
4 Mar 2018
Cachoerinha, São Paulo (Brazil)
Beaten and shot

Samielly Castro [photo: Facebook]

Samielly was a sex worker. Her body was found on waste ground near Av. felix Alves Pereira in the Cachoerinha neighborhood of São Paulo, and showed signs of beating and sexual violence.

Her Facebook profile is

Hope Verbeeck
Age 17
6 Mar 2018
Tampa, Florida (USA)

Hope Verbeeck [photo:]

Hope took her life on 6th March after writing a heartbreaking letter to her family.

“Dear Mommy and Papa, I am so sorry to do this to you but I have killed myself by jumping off the top floor.

I could no longer live my life as a lie.

I’m so sorry I lied to you… I was losing hope in the world and could not see my way out of the wrong body so I decided it was time for my life to end.”

Despite explicitly stating that they wish to be remembered as a trans woman called Hope, a number of media outlets misgendered her and used her deadname.

Age 35
6 Mar 2018
Chilpancingo, Guerrero (Mexico)
Cause of death not reported

Samantha was found dead at home. The cause of her death is unknown.

Age 24
7 Mar 2018
Santa Fe (Argentina)

Sol [photo:]

Sol was murdered in Santa Fe, Argentina. Her burnt body was found in a landfill site in Recreo on 7th March 2018, but her identity was not confirmed until several days later.

Age 35
8 Mar 2018
Beyoğlu, Istanbul (Turkey)
Beaten and stabbed

Kristina [photo:]

Kristina was found dead at 8am in in a flat in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

The previous night she had been at a nightclub and brought a man home with her. Neighbours claimed that they heard shouting coming from the flat during the night but did not call the police.

The murder suspect was later arrested in Bursa after stabbing a taxi driver.

Kristina was originally from Azerbaijan but had left 5 years ago because of the lack of acceptance from her family and the social violence she faced there.

Name Unknown
8 Mar 2018
Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad (El Salvador)

The body of an unidentified trans woman was found with knife wounds between La Quebrada Avenue and La Cañada Street, one block from the Antiguo Cuscatlán Municipal Market.

It is suspected that she was killed elsewhere and her body dumped where it was found. The only clue to her identity was a star tattoo on one of her legs.

Age 19
10 Mar 2018
Ankara (Turkey)

Nefes [photo:]

Nefes was strangled in her flat in the Kolej District of Ankara

She was found on the afternoon of 10th March in a sitting position by the door with a cable tied to both door knobs strangling her. There was a note for her mother found on the desk. At first sight her death appeared to be by suicide and her friends called the police immediately.

However following testimony the police have ruled the death as suspicious.

Everyone was shocked and upset when they heard Nefes’ death. Her friends and people who knew her told that she was a bright, fun and lively person who had aims in life.

Trans women in Ankara gathered in front of Nefes’ house following the spread of the news.

Thalita Silva
Age 44
13 Mar 2018
Barra do Garças (Brazil)

Thalita Silva [photo: ]

Thalita was the owner of a beauty salon. She was found dead with a stab wound to her neck in her home in the Vila Maria neighborhood of Barra do Garças.

Three people - among them her ex-boyfriend - have been arrested. According to relatives he is a drug user and associated with criminal gang in the city.¬icia=dono-de-salao-de-beleza-e-encontrado-morto-com-corte-no-pescoco-ex-e- principal-suspeito

Jacob Whelan
Age 20
17 Mar 2018
Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom)

Jacob was found hanged in his room at Cardiff University. He was on the waiting list for treatment with an NHS gender identity clinic (“GIC”) and was struggling with the delays involved.

Gender identity clinic provision in the UK is extremely inadequate given the size of the trans population, resulting in long waiting lists (typically 18–24 months, and rising) for even a first appointment. During this period, no in-person support is offered and patients are basically left to cope on their own.

Giving evidence at an inquest into his death held at Pontypridd Coroner’s Court on Thursday, Mr Whelan’s close friend Joshua Barnett said he had been suffering with numerous medical issues including type one diabetes, coeliac disease, dyspraxia, and dyslexia for much of his life.

Mr Barnett said this, on top of his decision to begin to transition his gender in 2017, had been the source of a tremendous amount of “frustration” for Mr Whelan.

“There were two different aspects to it,” Mr Barnett said. “It was the medical side where he was finding it very difficult to wait for the appointments he wanted.

“Because he made the decision to go private he was also paying for it. I think that was what he was using his money for.”

Name Unknown
17 Mar 2018
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Tortured and shot

The victim’s body was found floating in the water at Barão Beach, near the Cocotá boat station on the Governor’s Island.

Her body had been tied with ropes and her breasts had been removed. Her face also showed signs of violence and had gunshot wounds.

Naomi Hersi
Age 36
18 Mar 2018
Hounslow, London (United Kingdom)

Naomi Hersi [photo:]

Naomi was found with knife injuries at the Heathrow Palace guest house late on Sunday morning and was pronounced dead at the scene 30 minutes later.

One neighbour said: “She was fun to be around and a real character. She was into music and tennis. She was a nice person.

Another neighbour said: “Naomi was a flamboyant, lovely fun person. I think she had problems in her life but was well liked. We are devastated to lose a friend and neighbour.”

Jesse McDonald, 24, of Hounslow, appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 20th March charged with murder.

Bruna Gabriel
Age 19
19 Mar 2018
Ananindeua, Belém (Brazil)

Bruna was one of two trans women executed by unknown assailants in a car at dawn on the BR-316 highway in Ananindeua. Both were sex workers working at their “point” when they were shot.

Bruna tried to flee but her assailant chased her and shot her in the back. After falling to the ground, he shot her again.

Paola Oliveira
Age 35
20 Mar 2018
Luziânia, Goiás (Brazil)

Paola Oliveira da Silva [photo: Facebook]

Paola was shot dead after an argument at a bus stop in front of a supermarket. Her murder was recorded by CCTV.

The police suspect that the perpetrator was a client who had refused to pay for her services earlier and so (presumably) she had taken his phone instead. He approached her at the bus stop and when she refused to give it back to him he shot her.

Her Facebook profile is

Charly (“Flor del Campo”)
Age 25
21 Mar 2018
Tehuacán, Puebla (Mexico)
Tortured, stabbed and beheaded

Charly [photo:]

Charly was found dead was found at her home in the Santiago Tula neighborhood at dawn on Wednesday 21st March 2018. She had been tortured, stabbed 15 times and beheaded.

Charly was a hairdresser and choreographer and ran a beauty salon in her home. Prior to her murder she had been subjected to intimidation by unknown assailants in which shots were fired at her home and stones thrown through its windows.

After the murder of Charly yesterday morning, the president of the Club G and Collective of Sexual, Social and Cultural Diversity , Kevin Williams, condemned the murder and demanded the capture of those responsible.

He explained that Charly was named in the collective as Flor del Campo and was involved in the activities of the group, especially in the carnival that is organized in the auxiliary board of San Nicolás Tetitzintla.

He noted that the collective has not ruled out holding a demonstration or protest in the coming days over this crime.

D. A. P. Jiménez
Age 28
21 Mar 2018
Santa Elena, Usulután (El Salvador)

D. A. P. Jiménez [photo:]

D. was found dead with multiple stab wounds in Los Jobos canton, municipality of Santa Elena, although it is presumed that she was killed elseware.

His body was found inside a canyon in Los Jobos canton, municipality of Santa Elena, department of Usulután, although it is presumed that he was fatally attacked in another sector.

22 Mar 2018
İzmir (Turkey)

Elif [photo:]

Elif died after jumping from the balcony of her boyfriend’s home.

A friend who shared her thoughts about Elif, said she was constantly hurt by her family:

“Her family pushed her to die alone years ago. Nobody ever took her out. She was removed from her work because she was trans. Her friends in the cities she went to hurt her, but she was not strong enough to fight.

“A lot of people are responsible for this suicide. Many of my trans friends committed suicide, but Elif was very special to me.”

Elif worked as a cleaner in a factory during the early months of 2016. At the time she told Pembe Hayat that she still missed her family and was ill treated by the factory manager and employees during her time at work.

“When I started my transition, they knew my situation because I was in the same workplace. There is a lot of sexism in the factories. Women and men are not given the same jobs. But they treat me like they do to their business. They do not approve that their ablutions will be ruined, but they always have a job done by the guys in the factory and they call me a man and make me do it.” . They are trying to screw me up.

The women working in the factory are doing the same thing. They know my situation. This is breaking my morale. Working conditions at work are already very heavy. There is a special discrimination against me as this is not enough.”

Name Unknown
22 Mar 2018
São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

The victim was shot dead. Her family forbade the broadcast of news reports about the killing.

Information provided by Pitty Barbosa — Equality Guaiba (Affiliate ANTRA)

Daniela Santos
Age 17
23 Mar 2018
Ibicaraí, Bahia (Brazil)

Daniela Santos [photo:]

Daniela was killed by her abusive partner and his brother in her home in Ibicaraí, southern Bahia. She had bruises on her face caused by a blunt instrument as well as cuts to the arm caused by being punched. She died in hospital.

Both men have been arrested and have confessed to the crime.

Ayaka Neko
Age 19
24 Mar 2018
Anning, Kunming, Yunnan (China)

Neko died by suicide after suffering transphobic abuse from her parents (and in particular from her father) and struggling with depression.

Neko had realised that she was female in 2016 and started hormone therapy. She attended university in Utah (USA), but was forced to terminate her studies and return home to China after her parents terminated her fees.

After returning China, Neko lived in Shanghai until her parents found her and her father intimidated her into going back home to Yunnan with them. She finally escaped his abuse by dying by suicide several days after he forcibly enrolled her in a militarised training camp.

While her friend was defending her in front of her father and suggesting sending her to a hospital in Beijing, Neko’s father beat her heavily.

Neko’s father once rudely said that her friend should not “interfere with their domestic issues” while he received Neko’s friend’s call to check her up. Her father even refused to pay the medical fee, claiming that he did not have the responsibility when Neko had medical emergencies and needed to go to the hospital.

On 16 March 2018 Neko was sent by her father to a militarized training camp, Kunming Anning Good Children Sansheng Education and Training School, which claims to provide “specialized education for those Children who are rebellious, autistic, hate school or have internet addiction disorder” with entirely closed, forceful and militarized management and strict surveillance system.

Neko sent her close friends signals for help. When her close friend tried to contact her, it transpired that Neko’s mobile phone was lost, and her parents refused to reply. Her friend said that she tried to call the police, but it did not change anything.

The police claimed that they could not help, telling her that even an adult with depression at any degree with or without the certificate of incapacity “could be forcibly controlled” by parents as guardians.

Neko was an Anime, Minecraft and design enthusiast. She wrote articles using her Github account at

I hate my parents. I really hate it. The feeling of being abandoned is never forgotten. As I wrote in the diary , the feeling of being abandoned, the feeling of being abandoned in a foreign country, although it is much better on the mother’s side, because my room is very warm, I go home every day and close the door to hide. In my own small world, it is very warm. Mom is doing her things alone, and there is no interference with each other. I remember when I returned to China in the third year, I went back to the old one. I was hiding in my own small room every day. I didn’t know what to do. Every day, every time I talked to my dad, I would have a fight. In fact, when I was divorced, I began to hate my father a bit. Later, I slowly accumulated these bad feelings. Otherwise, Dad is working very hard, but I don’t know how to express love. But you don’t have to care, you can leave the world.

Cleide Aládio Zaramarine Neto
Age 33
25 Mar 2018
Itaberaí, Goiás (Brazil)

Cleide Aládio Zaramarine Neto [photo:]

Cleide was beaten to death by a 27 year old man inside a motel.

The police suspect is that he beat Cleide to death after discovering that she was transgender. Investigations described the crime as “cruel and brutal” as a result of the amount of blood found in the room.

Eduardo Abreu Ferreira was arrested for her murder on 6th April.

Lorena Molina López
Age 25
25 Mar 2018
Montenegro (Colombia)

Lorena Molina López [photo:]

Lorena was shot several times in the head by an unknown assailant at around 11:30pm in the El Carmen neighborhood. She died at the scene.

Amia Tyrae Berryman
Age 28
26 Mar 2018
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA)

Amia Tyrae Berryman [photo:]

Amia was found with gunshot injuries in the Shades Motel on Airline Highway. She died at the scene.

Local media misgendered her.

29 Mar 2018
Findikzade, Istanbul (Turkey)

Asu [photo: ]

Asu died by jumping from the roof of her home. According to her friends she had been depressed since her parents died.

Eduarda Amaro ("Martha")
Age 18
29 Mar 2018
Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Eduarda Amaro [photo: ]

Eduarda was shot during a firefight in the Três Vendas neighborhood of Pelotas on 29th March.

Her Facebook profile is .

Chance Houle
Age 12
31 Mar 2018
Bismark, North Dakota (USA)

Chance Houle [photo: ]

Chance died by suicide on 31st March after a long period of depression and bullying.

His family published an obituary referring to him as female, saying that [he] had "experienced intense pain most people will never know" and said the last six months had been especially painful with "continual transition".

Kim Schinaider
Age 23
31 Mar 2018
Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo (Brazil)

Kim Schinaider [photo: Facebook]

Kim died by suicide as a result of a gunshot wound to the head.

Her Facebook profile is .

With thanks to the many volunteers reporting acts of violence against trans people worldwide, and in particular to Transgender Europe and the members of the Trans Violence News Facebook group.

Software engineer, aerial yoga addict and halberd owning, camera waving, Daywalker of Scones. #trans #lgbt #christian

Software engineer, aerial yoga addict and halberd owning, camera waving, Daywalker of Scones. #trans #lgbt #christian