Remembering Our Dead: July 2018

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe
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Every year on or around 20th November people worldwide gather for the Transgender day of Remembrance to to remember the trans people we have lost to murder and violence in the past year, as reported by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project and published by Transgender Europe (TGEU).

The following are details of the trans people known to have been killed worldwide during July 2018.

I’ve also included details of those known lost to suicide where known, though most suicides tend to be unreported.


<< June 2018

Alexa Gutiérrez
Age 47
2 Jul 2018
Jesús Maria, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Stabbed and beaten

Alexa Gutiérrez [photo:]

Alexa was stabbed and beaten to death inside her home. Her sister found her body several days after she had been killed.

Alexa was a stylist who was in the early stages of transition and was fighting cancer at the same time. She was well known in the area and visited local communities to offer free haircuts to people who could not afford to pay for her services.

Marco Antonio García Robles, president of the VIDHA AC Foundation, demanded that the Prosecutor’s Office investigate the killing of Alexa Gutiérrez as feminicide, since she was a transgender person.

“We do not exist and that is unfair. We demand that this be investigated as such, that they begin to take the protocol because it is not fair that they hide us, we must begin to demand, because trans individuals do exist “.

For their part, family members said that in recent times she was fighting for her life, so at the time Alexa decided that her identity change was not urgent, but that this is not a reason for her murder not to be investigated as feminicide.

Daine Grey
Age 22
2 Jul 2018
San Francisco (TBC), California (USA)

Daine Grey [photo:]

Daine died by suicide.

His parents disowned him and refused to claim his body. A Gofundme page was set up to cover funeral expenses.

Daine passed away on 7/2. Daine’s parents are refusing to claim his body because he is trans. If you can help donate to give him a funeral that would be appreciated. He deserves a beautiful ceremony. Please RT.

On 7/2/18 Daine Grey 22 yo trans queer student from CCSF, took his life. His parents disowned him; according to the coroner still hasn’t responded to their calls to come claim his body. We need the greater community to help fund Daine’s burial expenses.”…/status/1019364834662498305

3 Jul 2018
Jalandhar, Punjab (India)
Beaten and stabbed

Deepa was stabbed to death. Although she had been attacked before, this time it proved fatal.

Deepak Rana, chairperson of the NGO, said this was the third attack on Deepa.

“Last September, she was picked up by some youths and after raping her, they chopped off her hand. She was so traumatised with the incident that she could not even recalled the incident to lodge a police complaint,” said Rana.

The community has also accused a policeman of harassing Deepa to seek sexual favour for him and his friends. “It was only after we raised the issue with senior police officials that the accused police man stopped harassing her”.

4 Jul 2018
Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Mirela’s body was found on the afternoon of 4th July beneath a pile of debris in a vacant lot adjacent to a repair shop. She had cuts on her neck and had been strangled with the strap of a handbag.

The police were called by a mechanic working next door. Investigators believe that she may have been killed by a client at the end of their meeting.

Shirley dos Santos
4 Jul 2018
Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil)

Shirley dos Santos [photo: Facebook]

Shirley was shot dead in the Várzea neighborhood of Recife.

Fernanda da Biz
Age 44
8 Jul 2018
Rio Brilhante, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)
Stabbed and stoned

Fernanda da Biz [photo: Facebook]

Fernanda was hit over the head several times and stabbed more than 20 times. Her head was crushed and her face torn.

Police believe that her killing took place between midnight and 1 am.



Few people will pay attention to the cruel way in which they took the life of Fernanda, her death will only become one more factor in addition to the index of murders of LGBTs in Brazil.

I remember that in some conversations with Fernanda, who was present in all sessions of the Chamber, she showed concern for the growing culture of prejudice, of which she and several other LGBT people were victims in the city.

I remember that in the vote on the Law that instituted the Municipal Day to Combat Homophobia, Fernanda was present as living proof of this prejudice.

Today, unfortunately, it is definitive proof of this sense of aversion and hatred that we need to banish from our relationships with other human beings, homophobia!

Fernanda, go in peace!

Her Facebook profiles are and

Adri Adelý Jurado
Age 20
El Alto, Le Paz (Bolivia)
13 Jul 2018

Adri Adelý Jurado [photo: Facebook]

Adri was stabbed in the abdomen with a kitchen knife at 1am on Friday 13th July by a client who came to the establishment where she worked.

A 22 year old man has been arrested. Her murder is being treated as femicide as Adri carried identity documents congruent with her identity.

The man stabbed the night worker after realizing she was transsexual, said Lily Cortez, leader of the Bolivian Night Workers Organization (OTN-B). The representative regretted that the aggressor had let out his transphobia against the worker, which is why her organization will take legal action as plaintiffs.

“We regret this transphobia. Although she is trans, for us, the sex workers, she is a lady, she is a woman and nobody has the right to take her life. We as an organization will constitute ourselves as a complainant” she said.

Aisha Albuquerque
Age 26
13 Jul 2018
Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil)

Aisha Albuquerque [photo: Facebook]

Aisha was beaten to death inside an abandoned house in the Boqueirão neighborhood of Curitiba, late on the morning of Friday 13th July. She was found by neighbours after they heard an argument and cries for help.

According to the Civil Police, the crime scene is an abandoned house used by drug users on Simão Kossobudski street.

Her Facebook profile is

Simge Avcı
Age 24
13 Jul 2018
Samsun (Turkey)

Simge Avcı [photo:]

Simge was shot in the stomach by her boyfriend at her home in the Ilkadim district. He defended his actions by claiming that she had “mocked his manhood”.

He has been arrested for her killing.

Age 25
15 Jul 2018
Toluca, Estado de México (Mexico)

Chanel [photo:]

Chanel was shot dead at midnight on Sunday 15th July by unknown assailants while working on Alexander Von Humboldt Avenue. She died in hospital.

Sasha Garden
Age 27
19 Jul 2018
Orlando, Florida (USA)
Cause of death not reported

Sasha Garden [photo:]

Sasha’s body was found naked behind an apartment complex in Orlando, Florida (USA) on 19 Jul 2018.

Investigators have not said how she was killed, only that there was trauma to her body.

20 Jul 2018
Hafizabad, Punjab (Pakistan)

Sania was shot dead at a wedding in the Chiniya Nawali area of Hafizabad on Friday 20th July.

She was one of several trans women engaged as dancers at a wedding party. When one of the guests made unwelcome sexual advances and the group objected, he pulled a gun and shot Sania dead.

Transgender persons are often targeted and denied their rights in Pakistan’s deeply patriarchal society. Dancing at weddings and stage performances are the most common professions that the marginalised community’s members take up. In Pakistan, stage performers have little protection. In April this year, pregnant singer Samina Sindhu was shot dead for being unable to dance while singing. Transgender performers face even worse discrimination. Aish Khan, a transgender performer based in Karachi, told SAMAA that men get drunk at most of the functions.

“I used to perform at all-men gatherings but have stopped that because I have been assaulted four times,” she said. “The men consider us their private property and do not respect our choices. Now, I just perform at family functions.”

Performers are ill-treated if they say no. “Men at a DHA event shaved the eyebrows of my friend, Payal, just to humiliate her,” she said. “Our community protested and the police arrested him, only to let him off in a few hours. I saw him again at a function in Baldia and he asked me to meet him alone. When I said no, he told me that he’ll kidnap me on my way.”

Aish said men do not consider them humans. “We are humans and we get tired after continuous performance from 12am to 5am,” she said. “If I want to sit and rest for a while, they get furious.”

Alexa Martinez
Age 21
22 Jul 2018
Silao, Guanajuato (Mexico)

Alexa Martinez [photo: Facebook]

Alexa was murdered on the morning of Sunday 22nd July after attending a concert. Her death was caused by trauma to the head.

According to witnesses, on Saturday night she had left her house with friends to go to a Pancho Barraza concert held at the Silao Fair 2018. She was last seen at dawn on Sunday in the downtown area of the city.

Her body was found the next day by municipal police officers alongside the Silao-Guanajuato highway.

Name Unknown
25 Jul 2018
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

The victim was shot dead in the Restinga neighborhood on the night of Wednesday 25th July.

According to witnesses, an intense firefight took place at around 11pm on Silvio Sirângelo street. Upon arriving at the scene police found the victim dead from gunshot wounds.

Gaby Arantes
26 Jul 2018
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Gaby Arantes [photo: Facebook]

Gaby was robbed and beaten to death with an iron bar by a client who refused to pay her.

His photo was circulated on Facebook. Police are asking for information which may lead to the arrest of the suspect.

This coward stole the money she had worked and killed her with a stick and iron bar, because he was known and knew that she. I would tell, Gaby was a very quiet person who knows knows, she is no one deserves a tragic death of this

Gaby’s Facebook profile is

26 Jul 2018
Barra Bonita, São Paulo (Brazil)

Louise [photo:]

Louise was a student who died by suicide. No other details are known.

According to the report below her teacher wrote this about her:

“A wonderful human being, the most intense look I’ve ever known.

An infectious smile.

A light soul.

But her pains were greater than we could suppose.”

Dalila de Oliveira
Age 33
31 Jul 2018
Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Death in custody

Dalila de Oliveira [photo: Facebook]

Dalila died by hanging with a sheet in a prison bathroom. She was a Brazilian sex worker who had only just arrived in the prison after being arrested for robbery.

With thanks to the many volunteers reporting acts of violence against trans people worldwide, and in particular to Transgender Europe and the members of the Trans Violence News Facebook group.



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