Remembering Our Dead: December 2017

Every year on or around 20th November people worldwide gather for the Transgender day of Remembrance to to remember the trans people we have lost to murder and violence in the past year, as reported by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project and published by Transgender Europe (TGEU).

The following are details of the trans people known to have been killed worldwide during December 2017.

I’ve also included details of those known lost to suicide where known, though most suicides tend to be unreported.


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Kyara Barbosa
Age 23
4 Dec 2017
Morada Nova (Brazil)

Kyara Barbosa [photo: Facebook]

Kyara died by suicide. According to friends she suffered from severe depression and had written messages about the difficult lives of Brazilian transgender people. She was politically active and a skilled writer.

By Kyara Barbosa

According to medicine and society I was born a boy, but I never identified myself as such. By the age of 11 I was already affectionately related to boys, I did not feel in a homo relationship. At age 14 Kyara was born, of everything that existed inside the box, being woman was the one that approached me more.

Even though I felt fulfilled by assuming a feminine identity and living in my reality this condition, I always felt that something was missing.

Now, at the age of 23 — nine years after starting my transition — I feel like I’m still at the beginning of everything; today I do not identify myself as a woman, and very much as a man. What I feel and I know is that my identity as a human being is not limited to gender binarism, but rather the possibilities.

It remains a trans woman that for political reasons is claimed transvestite, more fundamentally, these issues of gender is a mere social illusion. I can be free without having a gender, in fact, if I want one.

I am a human being who thinks, who breathes and feels and that is enough for me.

My voice is too thick to be feminine, and damn, I love my voice. Just like my voice, my measurements do not fit within a standard and that’s what I think is beautiful: it’s not fit into standards. I feel like an unlimited human being, that I can have as many identities as I want, as many sexualities as I can, and none of this interferes directly with what I am.

There are things I do not understand and do not want to understand, but only taste the freedom that has already been arrested.

Her Facebook profile is

Sasha Alister Patterson
Age 28
5 Dec 2017
Port of Spain (Trinidad)

Sasha Alister Patterson [photo:]

Sasha was in a park when two men approached her and shot her multiple times. Her body was found in a pile of garbage.

Trinidad and Tobago activist Jason Jones knew Patterson. Speaking to Gay Star News he says she was well loved:

‘I first met Sasha when I hosted the Miss Queen of Queens pageant five or six years ago. It’s a huge loss. [She] was a genuinely lovely person, I feel very deeply for the whole community.’

Jones is currently preparing to take Trinidad and Tobago to court over the country’s ‘buggery’ laws. They make it illegal for men to have gay sex.

‘When I first filed my case I did some HIV training with people in the community. Sasha was trying to develop programs for those in the trans community in Trinidad and Tobago. She was a key person in delivering safe sex messages and community engagement.’

Jessica Dimy
Age 23
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
7 Dec 2017
Strangled and burnt

Jessica Dimy [photo:]

Jessica died in hospital from a a cardiac arrest four months after suffering a transphobic attack.

On 28th July Jessica was raped by Fábio Barreto da Silva (23) who attempted to strangle her, wrapped her unconscious body in a sheet, doused it in alcohol and then started a fire. Other guests saw smoke in the hallways and called the police but by the time she was found she had burns covering 50% of her body. [DEAD LINK]

7 Dec 2017
Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Cause of death unknown

Sabrina’s body was found in a shack next to the Uberaba mall, in a place known as a drug users’ spot. Her cause of death is unknown but there were no obvious signs of violence. [DEAD LINK]

Name Unknown
7 Dec 2017
Atizapán (Mexico)

The victim was killed in a knife fight with another tenant with whom she had a feud. Both worked in the same bar. The antagonist was transferred to the Herrejón Hospital with a head wound. The police expected her to recover and intended to take a statement about the events leading up to the death.

Luna Shine
Age 27
11 Dec 2017
Viana (Brazil)

Luna Shine [photo:]

According to witnesses, Luna was with a client in the house where she lived at about 6pm. Soon afterwards he left, only to return later with another man and stab her. Her killer was restrained by local people who called the police, but the other suspect escaped.

The killer’s car (which had been parked in front of the house) was attacked by local people outraged by the crime.

“I went downstairs and saw the man stabbing her. The client saw me and said he would kill me. Then I started screaming for help. The landlady arrived with a piece of wood and I asked her not to enter. He ran away and the locals managed to hold him, “ he said. Luna’s mother was shaken and was supported by relatives.

Luna’s friend was still able to talk to her at the scene. I told her to stay quiet, I told her that I had called her sister, but she said not to call because she was early, I told her not to sleep: ‘Stay here, I’m talking to you’. That was when she breathed the last time and I could not stay there anymore”. [DEAD LINK]

Brandi Seals
Age 26
13 Dec 2017
Houston, Texas (USA)

Brandi Seals [photo:]

Brandi was shot dead in the street in the early hours of the morning. Like many trans women in the US, she was reportedly undertaking sex work in order to fund medical treatment.

Police have suggested Brandi was killed by someone after they realised she was a transgender woman.

Marquet FC de Lima
Age 29
13 Dec 2017
Altinho (Brazil)
Cause of death unknown

Marquet was found dead in a weir, in the agreste of Pernambuco. Her feet had been tied to a rock and she was naked with barbed wire wrapped around her neck. One suspect has been arrested and two others are being sought. [DEAD LINK]

Rhiannon Layendecker
Age 51
16 Dec 2017
Englewood, Florida (USA)

Rhiannon Layendecker [photo: Facebook]

Rhiannon was shot by her wife, apparently after an argument. Later that day she rang the emergency services and confessed to the crime.

When the police arrived they found Rhiannon’s body wrapped in a blanket in the back of her own truck. They also discovered her killer had planned to bury Layendecker at a home in Charlotte County, and that the hole had already been dug.

The two women are both transgender and neighbors say they kept to themselves.

Rhiannon’s Facebook profile is

17 Dec 2017
Fortaleza (Brazil)
Beaten and shot

Canoa [photo:]

According to police reports, Canoa was beaten by a group of men who arrived on a motorcycle. When she fell to the ground they shot her 15 times in the head.

According to information from local residents who knew her, she was not involved in drugs or crime. Police suspect that the crime was motivated by transphobia. [DEAD LINK]

Larissa Paiva
Age 25
17 Dec 2017
São Paulo (Brazil)

Larissa Paiva [photo:]

Larissa was killed by four people in the North Zone of São Paulo, inside a hotel in Rua Voluntários da Pátria. An officer heard “loud bangs” coming from the garage of the establishment and, on coming down to see what happened, found her dead after being attacked by four people armed with wooden beams. The attackers have not yet been identified. [DEAD LINK]

17 Dec 2017
New Delhi (India)

Mahi was allegedly taken to their home and beaten by four other transgender people after she had stolen money from them. They found her dead the following morning and attempted to conceal her death by dumping her body at night. All four have been arrested.

20 Dec 2017
Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil)

Bebel was stabbed. No other information is known.

Grupo Afiliadas ANTRA — Pitty Serrano

Alloés Carvalho
Age 23
24 Dec 2017
Cantagallo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Alloés Carvalho [photo: Facebook]

Alloés died by suicide at dawn on Christmas Eve. Even in death, some were still misgendering him.

His Facebook profile is [DEAD LINK] [DEAD LINK]

P Venkata Surya Narayana (“Devudamma”)
Age 47
24 Dec 2017
Anakapalle (India)

Devudamma was found dead in her home. According to police reports she was electrocuted and a fire had started as a result of a short circuit, but foul play is suspected.

Erika Alexandra Londoño Noreña
Age 26
27 Dec 2017
Bogotá (Colombia)
Clinical malpractice

Erika Alexandra Londoño Noreña [photo: Facebook]

Erika died as a result of a failed cosmetic surgery to enlarge her buttocks at a backstreet clinic.

She died in a nearby hospital.

Her Facebook profile is

Marilyn Cipriany Guzmán
Age 19
28 Dec 2017
Medellín (Colombia)

Marilyn Cipriany [photo:]

Marilyn was shot 3 times by a man on a motorcycle. She died at the scene.

Marilyn was from Neiva (Huila) and had given an interview to La Patria de Manizales during Pride celebrations just a few months earlier.

Marilyn Cipriany [photo:]

“Girls can show the beauty of a woman in the body of a man, I have felt rejected and discriminated against in public companies and shopping centers. On the street that does not happen to me, but people believe that because you work on the street that you do not have manners. We are also human beings and we deserve equality.”

Carolina Angulo Paredes (“Camila”)
Age 34
29 Dec 2017
Berazategui, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Carolina Angulo Paredes [photo:]

Carolina was shot in the chest by two men on a motorcycle while working on the street near a service station in the early hours of the morning.

“Carolina fell to the side, but she was conscious, she even sat to one side and lay down. I asked that you please help her. The police and the ambulance came, but she was lying there without assistance for quite some time. The girls tried to help her. She died minutes before 8 in the morning at the Evita hospital in Berazategui. If someone had taken her in the moment, maybe she could have lived.”

Reinaldo Oliveira (“Adrielly Reys”)
Age 41
31 Dec 2017
Degolado (Brazil)

Reinaldo Oliveira (“Adrielly Reys”) [photo:]

Reinaldo was a drag artist. They had been missing for four days when their body was found beheaded in his bathroom. Police said there were bloodstains in the house and suspect that the murderer locked the front door to delay the discovery of the body.

According to Nildo Correia, from the Gay Group of Alagoas (GGAL), Reinaldo was gay and performed as character named Adrielly Reys. “He was missing four days ago and leaves us a legacy of great wisdom and cultural richness,” lamented the leader of the group.

“Alagoas LGBT scene says farewell to Reinaldo (makeup artist and one of the first trans performers of Alagoas). Rey as he was called by his friends gave life to the character ‘Drielly Reys’ in the nights of Maceió. He has spent a season in Europe and has always lived in the midst of fashion and entertainment.” [DEAD LINK]

Silvia Gomes Marques
Age 34
31 Dec 2017
Belém (Brazil)

Silvia Gomes Marques [photo:]

Silvia was shot by two men on a motorcycle in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Three days later Fany Diniz would be shot and killed in the same location. [DEAD LINK]

With thanks to the many volunteers reporting acts of violence against trans people worldwide, and in particular to Transgender Europe and the members of the Trans Violence News Facebook group.

Software engineer, aerial yoga addict and halberd owning, camera waving, Daywalker of Scones. #trans #lgbt #christian

Software engineer, aerial yoga addict and halberd owning, camera waving, Daywalker of Scones. #trans #lgbt #christian