Remembering Our Dead: August 2018

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe
21 min readSep 6, 2018

Every year on or around 20th November people worldwide gather for the Transgender day of Remembrance to to remember the trans people we have lost to murder and violence in the past year, as reported by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project and published by Transgender Europe (TGEU).

The following are details of the trans people known to have been killed worldwide during August 2018.

I’ve also included details of those known lost to suicide where known, though most suicides tend to be unreported.


<< July 2018

Dudu dos Santos
Age 27
3 Aug 2018
São Paulo (Brazil)

Dudu dos Santos [photo: Facebook]

Dudu was a police officer. He went missing on the evening of 2nd August amid reports by friends that he had been injured in a bar. Reportedly he had gone there to celebrate the birth of the baby of a couple of friends.

One witness said that at about 3am, when he returned from the bathroom he heard someone complain about the disappearance of a cell phone. At this point, “he pulled the gun from his waist and placed it on the table, saying that no one would leave the place until the cell phone appeared, identifying himself as a police officer.”

About 40 minutes later, according to his friends, four men invaded the place, three of them hooded, carrying guns. The police officer, according to the report, was shot twice and taken by the men.

The Military Police found his body dead in the trunk of a car at Cristalino Rolim de Freitas Street in the Campo Grande neighborhood at around 7:50pm on Monday 6th August. He had been shot in the groin and head.

Press reports of his disappearance and murder initially erased his identity by deadnaming Dudu and reporting him as being a lesbian.

Lalesca d’Capory
Age 24
5 Aug 2018
Gurupi, Tocantins (Brazil)

Lalesca d’Capory [photo:]

Lalesca’s body was found floating in the sea by fishermen near a beach in the Rio Vermelho neighborhood in the early hours of Sunday 5th August.

Her cause of death was reported by the police as drowning, but family members who identified her body verified that she had a cut in her neck which leads them to believe that she was murdered. Most news reports reported her body as being that of a man.

Lalesca was well known in the neighborhood as she sold cell phone accessories to visitors and customers of local bars and restaurants.

She had just turned 24 on 27th July and had ambitions to move overseas. Her family were supportive and her uncle remembers her as being a quiet person and very communicative.

“She was a good person, she had never lost contact with her family, she was communicative, and everyone liked her. We, her family, had no problem with her and do not know what happened.”,homem-e-encontrado-morto-em-praia-do-rio-vermelho.html

Paloma Ferreira
Age 41
6 Aug 2018
Fortaleza, Ceará (Brazil)

Paloma was shot in the street by two men on a motorcycle on the night of Monday 6th August.

She worked as a street food seller nearby. According to witnesses, two men on a motorcycle approached her just after she had finished packing down her stall for the day. One of them pulled out a revolver and shot at her several times.

She tried to run, but was hit along with an elderly man who was on the sidewalk nearby.

The suspects fled. Paloma was rushed to hospital by her husband, but died there. The elderly man is in a stable condition.

Paolla Blayton
Age 32
7 Aug 2018
Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Paolla Blayton [photo:]

Paolla was shot in the street on the afternoon of Tuesday 7th August near her home in Codin neighborhood, in the Guarus area of Campos.

She died at the scene.

Casey Hoke
Age 21
8 Aug 2018
Pomona, California (USA)

Casey Hoke [photo:]

Casey was an artist, activist and national public speaker. He died at home on Wednesday 8th August.

His brother told the Los Angeles Blade that “Casey lost his battle with mental illness.”

Hoke, 21, was well known in the national Trans community, particularly among the younger generation for his dedication to the LGBTQ community, especially in his art and in art history. He was also a Point Foundation scholar and worked closely on Trans rights with GLSEN.

Hoke came out as a transgender male in high school and worked as an organizer and peer educator at his high school’s Gay/ Straight/ Transgender Alliance.

In 2014, Hoke served as a student ambassador (2014–16) for GLSEN presenting on LGBTQ+ art history and identity in a workshop titled Art, Identity, & YOU. More recently Hoke served as a board member of GLSEN, in addition to his ongoing contributions to that organization’s advocacy work.

Hoke, who contributed to the Huffington Post and MTV News, had given TEDx Talks, and was also working on, an educational resource for all to learn about the visual storytelling of LGBTQ+ identity through time. He was matriculating as a 3rd-year student and Point Foundation scholar at California State Polytechnic University of Pomona for graphic design communications.

Karlla da Silva Balbino
Age 18
9 Aug 2018
Caratinga, Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Strangled and shot

Karlla da Silva Balbino [photo:]

Karlla was found dead on the morning of Thursday 9th August beneath a mango tree near the BR-116 highway in Caratinga.

She had been shot in the chest and back and also had marks to the neck indicative of strangulation.

DNA testing is being carried out in an attempt to identify skin residues found beneath her nails.

Rafael Romeu de Brito
Age 29
9 Aug 2018
Lisbon (Portugal)

Rafael Romeu de Brito [photo:]

Rafael died by suicide.

I was completely devastated by the news of the suicide of Rafael Romeo de Brito …

In any case, I confess that I had already foreseen this sad possibility for a long time, having even asked for attention in this case to an association of support for Transexual people, and having alerted to this fact, reiterating several times that Rafael needed help and that Rafael was not well…

Unfortunately the help never arrived and Rafael could not stand so much pressure, so much incomprehension and so much lack of support…

Rest in peace my friend. Where do you want me to be?

Abril Natasha Quiñónez
11 Aug 2018
Cali, Valle del Cauca (Colombia)

Abril Natasha Quiñónez [photo: Facebook]

Abril was shot dead as she was walking down the street in the Alto Nápoles neighborhood at around 11:30am on Saturday 11th August.

Her Facebook profile is

She was well known in the local LGTBI community, and people close to her said that she was a very friendly and sociable person.

12 Aug 2018
Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernanbuco (Brazil)

Renata was shot dead in the early hours of Sunday 12th August in the center of Cabo de Santo Agostinho just south of the city of Recife. Witnesses reported that two men had approached her and shot her dead.

Krispim Souza de Araujo
13 Aug 2018
Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)

Krispim Souza de Araujo [photo:]

Krispim was attacked by two men during an attempted robbery while working alongside the BR 304 highway on 28th July. She tried to run but was shot 3 times.

She was taken to hospital but died just over two weeks later on 13th August.

Name Unknown
14 Aug 2018
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua (Mexico)

The body of the victim was found in the street by local children on Tuesday 14th August 2018.

She had been tied with duct tape and her body showed signs of torture.

In death local news reports described her only as “muerto vestido de mujer” (“a dead man dressed as a woman”), which usually means the victim was a trans woman.

Lili Chirinos Carrillo
15 Aug 2018
Valledupar, Cesar (Colombia)

Lili Chirinos Carrillo [photo:]

Lili was shot in the face by two men on a motorcycle near Alfonso López Pumarejo airport.

She died instantly.

“My friends who were next to her say that two guys on a motorcycle approached them and shot her without saying anything. A few weeks ago we were attacked with stones, an attack that was aimed directly at transgender workers.”

Lili was Venezuelan and had only arrived in Valledupar seven months earlier. She had became a sex worker after losing the job she had beforehand.

“We had a full day without eating, yesterday — Wednesday — she spent the day sleeping, and went to work at night. She was a fighter and smiling girl who lived her life.”

She leaves behind a young child.

Nasir Nazo
16 Aug 2018
Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)
Shot and dismembered

Nasir Nazo [photo:]

Nasir was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend at her flat. Her killer then hacked her body to pieces.

He has been arrested along with an accomplice who was apprehended carrying abag containing parts of her body.

“The transgender person, Nazo, was shot dead at her flat and later the body was hacked to pieces, the police told The Express Tribune, adding that they have also recovered the axe and the gun used in the crime.

“According to the FIR, a Pishtakhara police patrol intercepted a suspect carrying a bag and upon checking they found human body parts in the bag. The suspect, identified as Muhammad Farooq, was taken into custody subsequently.”

Vanessa Campos
Age 36
17 Aug 2018
Bois de Boulogne, Paris (France)

Vanessa Campos [photo:]

Vanessa was shot dead resisting a robbery in the Bois de Boulogne park in Paris on the night of 16th/17th August.

7 to 8 men attacked her. This follows other previous attacks. It would probably be a gang of men who regularly assault sex workers and their clients to steal them. This band phenomenon targeting female sex workers is currently developing throughout the Ile de France region. Those who try to organize themselves to defend themselves and chase them are then attacked separately.

Today we mourn this loss and feel as usual abandoned. The murders of trans women sex workers are not rare. This is a recurring phenomenon and we regularly try to alert public opinion and the authorities to this violence. Unfortunately as always, we find ourselves alone.

Why does the life of trans women migrant sex workers matter so little? Why are our deaths treated only as news? Why are journalists so ignorant or so disrespectful that they say “a transvestite prostitute” is dead and continue to begrudge me into death? Does not the life of a bitch count?

We have in us this strange impression that our dead do not arouse any emotion. For us, there is never national mourning. There is never an official commemoration. The political class remains silent. Once the sensationalist press articles are over, it’s the return to silence, and we have to go back to work with fear, waiting to be next.

D. M. Teixeira
Age 29
20 Aug 2018
Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)

D. M. was one of three women (two transgender women and a cisgender woman) shot dead inside a house located in the Várzea region of Alto São Manoel on 20th August.

Two bodies were found in the bedroom and another in the bathroom.

The other victims were Camyla Priscila Silva Almeida, 29, and A. L. da Silva Bezerra.

A. L. da Silva Bezerra
20 Aug 2018
Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)

A. L. was one of three women (two transgender women and a cisgender woman) shot dead inside a house located in the Várzea region of Alto São Manoel on 20th August.

Two bodies were found in the bedroom and another in the bathroom.

The other victims were D.M. Teixeira, 29, and Camyla Priscila Silva Almeida, 29.

Jamel Pierce
Age 9
23 Aug 2018
Denver, Colorado (USA)

Jamel Pierce [photo:]

Jamel Pierce died by suicide just four days after coming out as gay at school. Despite coming out as gay, there are suggestions that Jamel may have been evolving towards a trans identity.

Over the summer, his mom said he came out to her as gay.

“And he looked so scared when he told me. He was like, ‘Mom, I’m gay.’ And I thought he was playing, so I looked back because I was driving, and he was all curled up, so scared. And I said, ‘I still love you’,” Pierce said.

Pierce said her son wanted to tell his classmates.

“He went to school and said he was gonna tell people he’s gay because he’s proud of himself,” she said.

Pierce said when he came out, he opened up about wanting to dress more femininely.

“And he goes, ‘Can I be honest with you?’” Pierce said. “And I was like sure, and he’s like, ‘I know you buy me boy stuff because I’m a boy, but I’d rather dress like a girl.’”

On Thursday, four days into the school year, Jamel took his own life. Pierce found her son dead in their Denver home. She said he killed himself after being bullied.

“Four days is all it took at school. I could just imagine what they said to him,” Pierce said. “My son told my oldest daughter the kids at school told him to kill himself. I’m just sad he didn’t come to me.”

We can’t know whether Jamel would have eventually come out as trans, but that quote suggests they might well have — and therefore it is appropriate that we should remember them here.

Either way, bullying kills — and no child should ever feel the need to take their own life.

J. F. de Souza
Age 54
23 Aug 2018
Campo Largo, Paraná (Brazil)

J. F. was found beaten to death inside her home in Campo Largo, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, on the night of 23rd August. A day before her body was found, neighbours heard an argument and the sound of a door being broken into.

Police are looking for a man who was often seen in the residence.

Sheila dos Santos
23 Aug 2018
Buriticupu, Maranhão (Brazil)

Sheila dos Santos [photo: Facebook]

Sheila was beaten unconscious by two young men on the night of 23rd August. When she passed out they smashed her head with a large stone.

Esra Ateş
25 Aug 2018
Beyoğlu, Istanbul (Turkey)

Esra Ateş [photo: Facebook]

Esra was attacked by a client who had argued with her in front of her apartment in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul. She was stabbed and had her throat cut in three places.

Her killer stole her purse and mobile phone. He was detained after the police reviewed CCTV footage of her murder.

Esra’s Facebook profile is,685670

Ada Mía Naomi Gómez Rivas
Age 29
27 Aug 2018
Paraguarí (Paraguay)
Stabbed and burned

Ada Mía Naomi Gómez Rivas [photo: Facebook]

Ada went missing on Monday 27th August.

The following Thursday police arrested César Guzmán Franco, 19, who confessed to stabbing her with a machette and then burning her body. Her remains were found in a thicket in the early hours of Friday 31st August.

The Panambi Association laments the terrible homicide of Ada Mía Naomi Gomes Rivas.

From the PANAMBI Association that brings together Trans people from Paraguay, we declare our REPUDIO before a new fact of CRIME OF HATRED towards a trans female partner.

From the institution we express our great sadness, concern and repudiation against the murders towards trans people. Today a new event enlightens the entire TLGBI community. This morning was contracted the body without life of Naomi in the company Naranjo de Piribebuy, who was murdered. According to confessed author statements, he applied Naomi several blows of machete and then incinerated his body. However, he refused to provide further information on the motive of the crime. From Panambi we believe that these crimes are committed by hatred, discrimination and repudiation of our identity or sexual orientation.

WE URGE: the authorities to investigate in depth this new crime and the communicators, journalists and opinion makers to face this type of facts with an approach of greater respect and objectivity, since we know the importance and influence of the media and opinion makers before millions of people.

Ada’s Facebook profile is

D. A. Sánchez Medina
Age 32
27 Aug 2018
Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico)

D. A. was shot 28 times by three gunmen. Three men have been arrested.

The shooting happened in the street of Puerto del Carmen and Equality, in the La Esperanza neighborhood, and near the salon where she worked.

Collectives and activists of Human Rights and of the LGBT community denounced the murder of a trans woman in the capital of Jalisco; the State Attorney’s Office does not rule out that it is a transphobic hate crime, according to the organization Fuera Del Closet.

Paola dos Reis
Age 24
29 Aug 2018
Alto Paraguai, Mato Grosso (Brazil)

Paola died in hospital on Wednesday 29th August, after being stabbed in the abdomen by her partner, Sebastião Ferreira do Nascimento, 53.

Although she was taken to hospital by neighours and underwent emergency surgery it was not enough to save her life and she passed away 19 days later.

Her family reported that the couple had been together for 4 months, and that she had mental health issues.

Dejanay Stanton
Age 24
30 Aug 2018
Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Dejanay Stanton [photo: Facebook]

Dejanay was discovered in an alley with a gunshot wound to the head at 12:30 pm on Thursday 30th August after people nearby reported hearing gunshots.

“So we lost another sister here in Chicago. Sending her family and loved ones peace and justice! Rest in power, Dejanay Stanton.”

Dejanay’s Facebook profile is

Stanton is the 17th trans person murdered in the United States in 2018, and the 13th African American trans person we have lost to anti-trans violence. The part that really irritates and pisses me off is that she is now the eight trans person under age 30 we have lost to anti-trans violence.

Dejanay’s Black trans life mattered. When is that point going to be unequvocally acknowledged by the Black cis community, its legacy orgs and its political leaders?

30 Aug 2018
Praia Grande, São Paulo (Brazil)
Not reported

Raika’s body was found face down and wrapped in cloth in the remains of a sofa dumped on top of a supermarket trolley and left in front of a cemetary in the Antarctic neighborhood of Praia Grande.

She was found by a collector of recyclable materials.

Her cause of death is not yet known, but there was a reddish patch on the front of the victim’s neck.

Vontashia Bell
Age 18
30 Aug 2018
Shreveport, Louisiana (USA)

Vontashia Bell [photo:]

Vontashia’s body was found just before 5am on 30th August. She had been shot in the chest and wrist.

With thanks to the many volunteers reporting acts of violence against trans people worldwide, and in particular to Transgender Europe and the members of the Trans Violence News Facebook group.



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