Remembering Our Dead: April 2018

Every year on or around 20th November people worldwide gather for the Transgender day of Remembrance to remember the trans people we have lost to murder and violence in the past year, as reported by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project and published by Transgender Europe (TGEU).

The following are details of the trans people known to have been killed worldwide during April 2018.

I’ve also included details of those known lost to suicide where known, though most suicides tend to be unreported.


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Sasha Wall
Age 29
1 Apr 2018
Chesterfield County, South Carolina (USA)

Sasha Wall [photo: Facebook]

Sasha was found dead at 8:30am with gunshot wounds inside her car on a rural road in a small South Carolina town in Chesterfield County on Easter morning, Sunday, 1st April.

She was discovered slumped over the wheel and police say her car was parked on the road, left running for nearly two hours as unknowing motorists drove past. As often happens, Wall has been misgendered and deadnamed by both the police and in numerous media reports.

Her body was discovered around 8:30 a.m. Police noted that she had been shot multiple times in the neck and shoulder. “Whoever it was, was angry,” Sheriff Jay Brooks told the FOX 46. “You could tell by the number of shots.”

Brooks added that whoever killed her was “either sitting in the passenger seat or standing outside the car with the car door open.”

Sasha is being remembered on social media as a warm and friendly person, with calls for justice. Her Facebook account is

Elvira Costa
Age 28
2 Apr 2018
Maranguape, Ceará (Brazil)
Beaten and stabbed

Elvira Costa [photo: Facebook]

Elvira was kicked, punched and then stabbed to death on Pedro Mendes Vasconcelos Street in the Novo Maranguape neighborhood of Maranguape in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza.

Elvira lived alone and worked as a cleaner. About 15 days before her death she had posted to a social network about her life and the difficulties she faced.

“Yeah. May I last the time I have to last. Fear of dying? Much”; “You know my life is not easy … hunger, drugs, no sleep, practically alone,” she quoted in two posts.

Her Facebook profile is

Andressa Muda
3 Apr 2018
Macaé, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Andressa Muda [photo: Facebook]

Andressa’s burnt body was found underneath the Bridge of Barra de Macaé on 3rd April 2018. The circumstances of her death are unknown.

Andressa was a hairdresser and well liked. She had several Facebook profiles:

Age 29
4 Apr 2018
Álamo, Veracruz (Mexico)
Throat cut

Yoselyn [photo:]

Yoselyn was found with her head covered by a pillow and throat cut in room 8 of the Los Azahares hotel.

Hotel staff found her bloodied corpse early in the morning when they came to service the room. According to witnesses she had arrived with a man in a taxi the previous night.

Benjamin de Jesus Sousa
Age 20
6 Apr 2018
Vila Palitolândia, Teresina (Brazil)

Benjamin was stabbed in the back in Vila Palitolândia, Teresina (Brazil) on 6th April 2018.

The victim had confronted the killer, who he had accused of robbery. During the ensuing argument Benjamin was stabbed in the back.

Grechen Alina
Age 40
8 Apr 2018
Guadalupe, Nuevo León (Mexico)

Grechen Alina [photo:]

Grechen’s body was found naked in her bedroom. She had been strangled.

V. Alphonze
Age 26
10 Apr 2018
Madurai, Tamil Nadu (India)

V. was kidnapped at knife point and later stabbed in the neck, chest, stomach and hands.

Three men were subsequently arrested.

Nycoly Souza Nardoni Bhals
22 Apr 2018
Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Nycoly Souza Nardoni Bhals [photo: Facebook]

Nycoli was shot in the neck in the early hours of 22nd April near the district Turmalina in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais (Brazil).

Her Facebook profile is

22 Apr 2018
Kalu Khan Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)
Tortured and shot

Sheena was asleep in her room when two unidentified men broke in, beat her and then shot her 5 times.

Her killing was reported by Trans Action Pakistan as the 56th murder of a transgender person in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since 2015.

Alejandra Torres Torres
Age 26
23 Apr 2018
Solferino, Manizales (Colombia)

Alejandra Torres Torres [photo: Facebook]

Alejandra was stabbed in the street during a fight following a party. She died before reaching hospital.

Her Facebook profile is

Christina Bentley
23 Apr 2018
Brighton, East Sussex (United Kingdom)

Christina Bentley [photo: Facebook]

Chrissi died by suicide. She was a well loved volunteer for Trans Pride Brighton and My Genderation as well as running the Tumblr Trans Teen Survival Guide.

Her loss leaves us all so very much poorer.

Chrissi’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are and

Lydia Stone
25 Apr 2018
Sydney, New South Wales (Australia)

Lydia died by suicide. No other details are known.

Taliana Rodríguez Rómulo
Age 47
25 Apr 2018
Suba, Bogotá (Colombia)
Not reported

Taliana was a hairdresser. She died after suffering an allergic reaction after applying injections. It is not known whether the injection which apparently caused her death was a cosmetic filler of some kind (many trans women in Latin America use industrial silicone for this purpose, and it can be deadly) or something else.

Age 30
26 Apr 2018
Colonia Villa de los Belenes, Zapopan, Jalisco (Mexico)
Stoned and shot

Arturo was found at the entrance to a field by police officers at around 7:20am. A rock had been dropped on her head and four bullet casings were found nearby.

Alan Bernnet
Age 21
27 Apr 2018
Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil)
Beaten and stabbed

Alan Bernnet [photo: Facebook]

Alan was apparently a drag queen. He and his friend Carlos Lamartine were both found murdered inside a house.

Their deaths sparked protest about their deaths and against homophobia in the city.

His Facebook accounts are and

Age 15
28 Apr 2018
Columbia, South Carolina (USA)

Grayson died by suicide. No other details are known.

Age 27
30 Apr 2018
Fortaleza, Ceará (Brazil)

Paulinha [photo:]

Paulinha was shot by a man on a motorcycle on Perimetral Avenue, Jangurussu during the night of Monday 30th April. According to the police she may have been chased before being shot. Friends reported that several days earlier she and others in the area had been threatened.

Bianca Santos Albuquerque
Age 40–50
30 Apr 2018
Araras, São Paulo (Brazil)

Bianca’s body was found half-naked at a bus stop on Bernardo Coutinho Road in Araras, close to the entrance to the Vista Alegre neighbourhood.

She had been shot.

With thanks to the many volunteers reporting acts of violence against trans people worldwide, and in particular to Transgender Europe and the members of the Trans Violence News Facebook group.

Software engineer, aerial yoga addict and halberd owning, camera waving, Daywalker of Scones. #trans #lgbt #christian

Software engineer, aerial yoga addict and halberd owning, camera waving, Daywalker of Scones. #trans #lgbt #christian